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"Steady As We Go” is my latest release from my upcoming collection of new music, coming in 2022.  

I hope that this song will make you feel good in your bodies, spirits, and minds. I hope that it will fuel your energy levels amidst all the elements of the unknown.

I wrote this song in pieces—the chorus emerged as I was in DC during the Biden election.

I remember thinking to myself, regardless of who wins at the top, we the people on the ground will need to keep causing “good trouble”, as the late John Lewis coined. This is life long work, as our ancestors have demonstrated for us, and we gotta have daily reminders to pace ourselves. 


The rest of the song emerged months after as we were planning a collaboration with Vital Voices. We were thinking about creating something for the international day of the girl. The incredible activist work that Vital Voices does inspired me to write verses that would be a great ode to the intergenerational efforts that need to happen to keep the river of progress flowing.


Pacing ourselves and intergenerational connections are very relevant today. As we are all processing our collective trauma of pandemic while still navigating the continuation, it’s easy to feel worn down.


Our weary souls need some catharsis now, and I hope that this song provides that. We still need to pace ourselves. We still need to work between age groups to keep each other healthy.


As we were creating versions of this song, I would put it on during my outdoor strolls, and my body would naturally move to the pace of the song. The energized pace feels so physically good, and the pace works for a brisk walk to self rejuvenate. If that resonates with you, I highly encourage you to add it to your outdoor stroll playlist. While not all of us can do brisk walks with our different sets of physical abilities, I think the song can also keep the spirit and heart rate up, energizing us to persist through these trying times.

As with all of my recent releases, a portion of the proceeds from this song

will benefit the Somebody’s Beloved Fund.

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Photography by Nazrin Massaro


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Mastering Engineer

Album Artwork

Mixing Engineer


 “Steady as We Go” 

Written by MILCK

Our roots won’t split

Thru hit or miss 

We’re gonna breathe thru the pressure

Find our way back to center 

Seen it all 

Bring it on 


Our scars and bruises

Don’t mean we’re losin

We’re not afraid to start over

Every trial gets us closer 

We try again

Then again


Ooh Ooh 

Eyes are locked in

Ooh Ooh

We Got a Vision


Steady as we go 

Steady as we go 

Through all the trouble now, 

all the unknowns

Our patience is power 

the rest we let go 

Steady as we go 

Steady as we go 

The fiercest love

Is driving us 

The world we’re building is sacred 

We’ll  give more than we’re takin

We forgive

We belive


Ooh Ooh 

Eyes are locked in 

Ooh Ooh

We got a vision

Ooh Ooh 

Sweat turns to glistenin


Oh child 

I know it could feel like

 nobody’s listening,

Everybody’s too tired

But you gotta know 

you have lifted me 

And you lit in me a new fire 

Every step of the way 

No matter what it takes

I’ll be by your side

One step at a time   


Steady as we go 

Steady as we go 

Through all the trouble now, 

all the unknown

Our patience is power

the rest we let go 


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