“Music is the one place where I can simply be me. When I’m singing my lyrics, I don’t have to be feminine enough, strong enough, American enough, or Asian enough—I can just be a soul that yearns to feel free.”

​MILCK is a musician and artivist who uses music to write herself into existence. Music is her way of processing the world around her, while also imagining a better one that lies ahead.  


Her life took a 180 degree turn after a cell phone video captured her performance of her original song “Quiet” with a choir of 25 strangers at the 2017 Women’s March. The video went viral and was quickly echoed and amplified by groups around the world–from the US to Sweden to Ghana. “Quiet” was named Billboard’s #1 protest song of the year and was recognized in National Public Radio’s “American Anthem” series. In 2018, the song brought MILCK to the movement’s main stage in New York City, where she shared her message alongside the legendary Yoko Ono.​

Having “​cemented her status as one of music’s voices for the women’s movement​,” MILCK continued to use music as a means to work towards social justice. She released her EP, ​Into Gold​, which follows her journey as a woman leaving a safe relationship in search of her authentic place in the world. ​Working with GRAMMY Award-winning producer Malay, the EP is a lesson in honoring her voice, even at the risk of leaving the familiar behind. The lead track, “If I Ruled The World,” ft Bipolar Sunshine, imagines a society with more empathy, more justice, and more joy. TIME​ named “If I Ruled The World” one of the ​best songs of the week​. MILCK went on to perform “If I Ruled The World” on ​Full Frontal with Samantha Bee​ and during her ​NPR Tiny Desk (Home) Concert​.

Written amidst the protests for the Black Lives Matter movement, MILCK’s song “Somebody’s Beloved” (Ft. Bipolar Sunshine) honored the tragic losses at the hands of systemic racism. In partnership with writer/director, Tom Shadyac and his Tennessee-based non-profit, ​One Family Memphis​ Foundation, MILCK brought this powerful message to life with a deeply moving narrative video directed by Malik Martin that premiered alongside the song on October 15, 2020.


In January 2021, MILCK was invited to participate in The Kellogg Foundation’s National Day of Racial Healing and performed a powerful duet of “Somebody’s Beloved” with acclaimed poet Amanda Gorman. She penned an empowering essay on bravery published in Hungry Hearts (Penguin Random House), which features a collection of essays on courage, desire and belonging. MILCK most recently appeared on THE KELLY CLARKSON SHOW amidst the devastating attacks on the AAPI Community. She shared her vision for art and social justice advocacy during their on-air interview and an emotional acoustic performance of “Somebody’s Beloved” with Bipolar Sunshine.

Her latest single, “I Belong” declares that each of us not only inherently belongs here, but also to each other. MILCK began writing “I Belong” immediately after the Atlanta shootings as a way to cope with her own grief, and turn it into something powerful for her community. The creative team behind “I Belong” are mostly women from the AAPI community including Mixer/Mastering Engineer Elisa Pangsaeng, Photographer and Visual Artist Dyan Jong, Producer Jeia Rouge, Music Video creator Diana King. In conjunction with the release of “I Belong”, MILCK’s Somebody’s Beloved Fund will now include 3 additional AAPI focused organizations: Tuesday Night Project, Asian Women's Shelter and Hate Is A Virus.