Bipolar Sunshine and I hope to champion compassion, empathy, vulnerability and love through this video and song.

May we continue to find our places in the movement. 


May we self reflect, stay open, explore, listen, watch, read. 


May we create art to express our pain, outrage, Hope and love. 


May we open our hearts to deep empathy. 


May we give as generously as we can to groups working toward racial justice. 


May we use our gifts, talents, time and voices to step in, and step up for equality. 

May we do all of this and more for our beloved

“This song is my offering.”



“I believe that songs can be powerful vessels for inner healing, which can ripple out to global healing.”

In partnership with Culture Surge, I will be releasing an acapella version of the song with sheet music the week of October 26th. Stay tuned.



We invite you to get creative, and to honor our beloved. Create any which way you desire, and share with us so we may share it with our community.


Post your work with the hashtag #somebodysbeloved, or email us. 


Already working on a kindred project and want us to amplify? Amazing! Please use hashtag or email us at the address above. 


We will be creating more creative campaigns for you to tap into, so stay tuned, follow @milckmusic, and we’ll keep you posted as time goes on!



As we continue to build and to sustain the Somebody’s Beloved social action campaign, we are committed to collaboration and partnerships.  We believe we are stronger when we work together.


These organizations have shown tremendous support in building our campaign, raising funds to directly support the Somebody’s Fund and its beneficiaries and creatively amplifying our message far and wide. We appreciate you and we are deeply grateful for your partnership.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world: Indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.”


– Margaret Mead