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"Let’s soften the vitriol, and alchemize shame, guilt, anger, and blame into clear and compassionate actions towards ourselves, our neighbors, and our greater global community." - MILCK



Welcome to the Somebody's Beloved Project, a social justice initiative fueled by songs, in service of The Somebody's Beloved Fund’s beneficiaries. Here, we use songs as starting points to explore, create, and donate in the name of racial healing, gender equality, and justice.


We created The Somebody's Beloved project, including the fund, in the fall of 2020 to accompany the release of my song "Somebody's Beloved" (ft. Bipolar Sunshine). The song was inspired by Tamika Palmer and her daughter, Breonna Taylor, to honor those we have lost to racial injustice. In producing the music video, we embarked on a mentorship program, bringing leading Hollywood creators to partner with young artists from Memphis to support the message of the Black Lives Matter movement. We used these creations to inspire donations and conversations in the name of racial justice for our Black siblings. The fund at the time had 7 Black centered grassroots orgs. 


The Somebody's Beloved Project then expanded its scope of racial justice in light of the increase of hate crimes against Asian American and Pacific Islanders. I worked with all Asian Females to create the song and music video for “I Belong”. This project kept me in my power and pride as I spoke out alongside my AAPI community. In conjunction with the release of “I Belong,” We added 3 AAPI focused orgs to the Somebody’s Beloved Fund. 


As I continue to write songs, I will continue to funnel relevant songs through The Somebody's Beloved Project, with three primary goals in mind:


1. Generating resources for the Somebody’s Beloved Fund. The Fund directly benefits 10 grass-roots organizations building power around Black health, Feminism, Black-Asian Solidarity, AAPI Support, LGBTQ Rights, Criminal Justice Reform, and Mental Health. Through song proceeds, brand partnerships, merchandise proceeds, and public donations, the Somebody’s Beloved Fund has directly contributed over $86,000 to our beneficiaries and helped to facilitate the donation of nearly $100,000 of essential product and pantry items and PPE. 


2. Co-creating with and investing in artists to produce social justice focused work. Our latest artist collaboration is around my cover of U2’s “One”


3. Softening the vitriol, and alchemizing shame, guilt, anger, and blame into clear and compassionate actions towards ourselves, our neighbors, and our greater global community. 


To learn more about my work as an artist and how this project came to be, please click here.


To find educational resources on anti-racism, click here.


To learn more about how you can support the AAPI community and Asian-Black solidarity, click here 


To find creative ways to express yourself in honor of our beloveds, click here.


To donate to the Somebody’s Beloved Fund, click here. 

Thank you for reading.

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