"May music soften the vitriol as we continue to join the racial justice movement"


Welcome to somebodysbeloved.com, a community for racial healing, justice, solidarity and joy. On this site you'll find starting points to explore, create, and donate in the name of racial justice.


We created this online community in the Fall of 2020 to accompany the release of my song "Somebody's Beloved" (ft. Bipolar Sunshine). The song was originally inspired by Tamika Palmer and her daughter, Breonna Taylor, in honor of those we have lost to racial injustice. The music video helped bring these important stories to life and further the message of the Black Lives Matter movement. This website offers a safe space to build community, to generate support for our beneficiaries through the Somebody’s Beloved Fund, to inspire creativity and share the important collaborations behind the song.


The Somebody’s Beloved Fund is deeply inspired by the racial justice work led by Black and Brown communities and was initially created to benefit seven beneficiary organizations. As of April 2021, we have proudly donated over $85,000 directly to these transformative groups.


In light of the recent increase in hate crimes against Asian American and Pacific Islanders, I was moved to create a new song called “I Belong” to keep me in my power and joy as I spoke out alongside my AAPI community. I desire for everyone to feel their sense of belonging, no matter what their heritage, because the more enoughness we each believe we have, the kinder and more welcoming we can be.


In conjunction with the release of “I Belong,” I am deepening my racial justice advocacy work as I gain clarity on the importance of my own AAPI community’s healing. As a result, my team and I have updated the site to share important ways to #stopaapihate, and #sparkasiansupport. 


We have also expanded the Somebody’s Beloved Fund to include 3 new AAPI organizations. The Fund will continue to generate resources through song proceeds from “Somebody’s Beloved” and “I Belong,” brand partnerships, merchandise proceeds and public donations. These efforts will now benefit ten beloved beneficiaries as well as our work to build community around racial justice.We do this work through the intersectional lens of Feminism, Black-Asian Solidarity, AAPI Support, LGBTQ Rights, Criminal Justice Reform, and Mental Health.​


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May these songs soften the vitriol as we continue to join the racial justice movement.

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