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Welcome to, where I share more of the story, fund, and collaborations behind the song "Somebody's Beloved" (ft. Bipolar Sunshine). On this site you'll find starting points to explore, create, and donate in the name of racial justice.


This song is originally inspired by Tamika Palmer and her daughter Breonna Taylor, rooted in honoring and remembering all those we have lost in the face of racial injustice. The fund connected to this song is deeply inspired by the racial justice work led by Black and Brown communities. 


In light of the recent increase in hate crimes against Asian Americans, this song holds a deeper weight. My team and I have updated the site, creating a new page dedicated to #stopaapihate, and #sparkasiansupport

To learn about who I am, and how this project came about, click here.

To find educational resources to educate on anti-racism, click here.

To learn more about ways to support the AAPI community and Asian-Black solidarity, click here 

To find creative ways for you to express in honor of the beloved we've lost too soon, click here.

To donate to our 7 beneficiary organizations of the Somebody’s beloved Fund, click here. 

May the song soften the vitriol as we continue to join the racial justice movement.

Thank you for reading, 



MILCK + Bipolar Sunshine Talk About The Racial Healing and Hope Behind "Somebody's Beloved"

A Song is a seed for stronger solidarity. Watch this 9 min, captioned, heartfelt conversation between Bipolar Sunshine and me as we explore the dynamic of identity, love, protest songs, and our musical heroes. We wrote “Somebody’s Beloved” last year in the wake of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. 8 months later, amidst the George Floyd Trial, and continued advocacy for Breonna, the increase of racist hate crimes towards Asian Americans, this conversation feels cathartic to share. 

MILCK On The Kelly Clarkson Show

On 3/31/2021, The Kelly Clarkson Show welcomed me and aired a visceral and intimate performance of “Somebody’s Beloved”. Kelly Clarkson is an artist that exhibits authenticity and love, and I am so happy she will be the one to help share this with the greater community. If anyone knows the feeling of using music to heal deep pain, it’s her.

I must share I’m tearing up as I type this, because I just saw a video of an Asian woman getting kicked and beaten in NYC, while bystanders stood by, doing nothing. I take deep breaths as I hold the contrast of both sorrow for the unfortunate and timely need to go on Kelly’s show to talk about the AAPI community, alongside the hope of being able to share my perspective for solidarity through my work with “Somebody’s Beloved.”  I hope that someone will see and hear my humanity on the screen, and feel more love and willingness to be brave, and to stand with us. No matter the discomfort or uncertainties. I also know that I have the power and strength to be the change I want to see in the world, so I am ready for anything.

Milck - Amanda Gorman Duet

Last December I was introduced to Amanda Gorman. We decided to cocreate a piece in honor of the 5th Annual Racial Healing day, in partnership with The Kellogg Foundation. We immediately fangirled over each other. I could feel Amanda's wisdom and strength throughout the process. She created a poem that she reads over my song, “Somebody’s Beloved.” This collaboration is one of my most treasured projects. One of my favorite lines she includes in this poem is about calling people in, vs. calling them out. I hold that idea close to my heart as I navigate our times of growing anti-Asian sentiment, and continued struggles for Black and Brown communities. 

Somebody's Beloved ft. Bipolar Sunshine – Performance Video (As Seen on The Kelly Clarkson Show)

In the face of the continued efforts of the Black Lives Matter movement, alongside the 150%  rise in acts of violence against the AAPI community this past year, Bipolar Sunshine and I got together for the first time since Covid to sing this visceral and intimate performance. Today, singing this song as an Asian American woman alongside a Black man holds more weight to me than ever. We hope this performance can help put words and bring catharsis to the complexity of emotions we're all feeling.

 MILCK Joins the Little Market for Conversations with Changemakers 

The Little Market launched a new digital series, Conversations with Changemakers, bringing women to share their insights to make the world a place where everyone can thrive. Melissa Magsaysay, facilitates a conversation with MILCK, Eva Chen, and Amanda Nguyen about how they’re blazing pathways for Asian American women. They share their experiences as children of immigrants, standards of beauty, what allyship with the Asian American community means during a pandemic, and how they use their platforms to promote rights and bring attention to social justice issues.

Milck - "Quiet" (11th Hour with Brian Williams)

On the 4 year anniversary of The Women’s March, 1/21/2021, Brian Williams aired a powerful segment with “Quiet,” to commemorate our collective journey over the last four years. I ended up messaging Brian Williams on Instagram to thank him, and a week later, he and his producers invited me to be on the show to talk about "Somebody's Beloved." I was moved by the fact that we talked about healing and harmony on national news. Brian Williams’ effort in getting to know different types of voices on his show gives me hope.

We partnered with Proctor and Gamble to send thousands of essential goods to our beloved beneficiaries. Pictured above are palettes of goods arriving to One Family Memphis's Memphis Rox!

Sending P&G Products To Beneficiaries 



“I believe that songs can be powerful vessels for inner healing, which can ripple out to global healing.”

In partnership with Culture Surge, we have created an acapella arrangement for the song. We hope you enjoy this performance featuring MILCK, 

We also invite you to join our choir by downloading the sheet music, performing the song and sharing it. You can email it to us to post or simply post it to your social platforms and include the hashtag #somebodysbeloved