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to benefit the Somebody's Beloved Fund


Listen to my single "Power"

May this song be a reminder that true power does not lie in bullets and bombs, but in brotherhood/sisterhood/siblinghood, and the beauty we see in ourselves and each other.

Listen to my single "Steady As We Go"

An ode to the intergenerational efforts that need to happen to keep the river of progress flowing toward social justice. Learn more about the story behind the song.

"One" Reimagined by AG & MILCK - Official Music Video Featuring Kylie Shea & Matthew "ET" Gibbs

Shot by Pasha Poosh and Co-Directed by Kylie Shea & Pasha Poosh, this official music video is the first creative collaboration of the Somebody's Beloved Project where we invest in artists to co-create social justice focused work that celebrates our universal humanity. A portion of the proceeds of this song will benefit our ten Somebody’s Beloved Fund beneficiaries, and our hope is that this video will move people to visit this site, and to learn about the 10 grassroots organizations that are working tirelessly to build power around racial justice and healing.

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